Psychocat’s Crystal Litterbox Conference Championships

Well, another 3-1 week, and again the loser was the one I least expected. Guess I should have known better than to go with all the favorites. Let’s see if I can get ‘em both this week.

Saints at Vikings: It’s the #1 vs the #2 seeds in this one, and two great quarterbacks to boot. Both teams won blowouts last weekend, and their QBs put up similar numbers. The Saints’ Drew Brees threw for 247 yds and 3 TDs; the Vikings Brett Favre passed for 234 and 4. But the keys to this game won’t be the passers; everyone knows what they can do. Instead, it will be the ground game and the defenses.

Vikings Analysis: To win, the Vikings really need a big game from RB Adrian Peterson, who had just 63 yds on 26 carries and no TDs last week. An effective Peterson is a key to keeping Brees and the high-powered Saints offense off the field. Favre also needs to be sharp and not try to force the ball. The Saints’ secondary is capable of taking mistakes and turning them into TDs.

In addition The Vikings need to apply the same type of pressure to Brees that they got on Cowboys QB Tony Romo last week, when they dropped him 6 times for 42 yds. The Vikings definitely have the capability to do that; they are one of the strongest units in the NFL. Brees is at his best in play-action situations; the Vikings need to shut those down as much as possible. The Vikings’ special teams will also have to be effective; Reggie Bush returned a punt 83 yds for a TD against the Cardinals and last year returned 2 punts for touchdowns in the same game…against the Vikings.

Taz’s Mock NFL Draft v1.0

It’s really getting to be a fun time if you are a diehard fantasy footballer like I am. There is so much enjoyment for me personally in trying to decipher who will and who won’t make it at the next level. Trying to pick the winners of the NFL draft can be as tricky as trying to decipher what your wife means when she says that everything’s “fine”. But it is one of the most interesting aspects of the football season that I truly look forward to it every year.

This is the week of the Senior Bowl so I decided that now would be a good time to take my 1st shot at a mock draft. I know that some people will have issues with a few of my choices, but as I was sitting in each team’s hat (literally. I changed hats for every pick) I truly tried to decipher the player that would make the most sense for them. I did not try to include trades as that just tends to get out of hand quickly.

Ok enough of the babble, here now is my 2010 NFL Mock Draft version 1.0.

1. St Louis Rams:  QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame- The Rams will have a hard time not selecting Suh here, but Clausen could be the franchise QB they have been looking for. There is a chance they trade for a starting QB, if they do, then Suh is definitely the pick here.

2. Detroit Lions: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska – The Lions will be ecstatic that Suh falls to them here. It will give them a much needed presence in the middle of their defensive line for years to come. Suh is going to dominant in the middle of this defensive line.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma – McCoy’s value has definitely shot up the charts with an impressive junior season at Oklahoma. He is just what the Bucs need to solidify the middle of their defense.

What To Look For In A Storage Unit

Storage units can be invaluable for anyone who has too much stuff and needs somewhere to keep it. You may be trying to sell your home and show it so that it has less clutter and more room, or you may have inherited excess belongings from a family member. Perhaps you simply have too many possessions and are trying to create a more pleasant and spacious living environment. Regardless, a storage unit can be an affordable and practical solution to a lack of space in your home.

Storage units are easy to find and just as easy to use. Most of them operate on a monthly basis, meaning that you do not have to sign any long term contracts, and offer a safe and dry place to store just about anything you need to. Clothing, collectibles, furniture, tools, papers and documents can all be stored. If you live in an apartment, but want to have a motorbike, trailer or boat, some larger units are the ideal place to store these. Hazardous items, chemicals, food and pets are not allowed to be stored in a unit.

When looking for a storage unit in american fork, look for and compare the different features. In addition to a facility that is conveniently located, secure and well lit, you may want to choose a storage unit that allows you to back up your vehicle for easy loading and unloading. Some units have a guard or staff member on duty, and some offer 24 hours, 7 days a week access. Most will give you a key or a card to access the facility and your individual unit, to ensure that only you can access your possessions. Some units have ongoing special offers or discounts, such as an extra month for free, or your first month’s rental at no charge.